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Philippa Edwards

"It is very easy to become completely bogged down when writing a long document that requires many references. After many hours of staring at the words and clinging on to favourite phrases, it is difficult to separate good from poor, or even discern glaring errors.
I asked Joan to proof and edit a research proposal for a science project I was preparing. I had allowed two weeks for the proof but it was ready in only a few days. I am very happy (delighted) with the result and it is a relief to know the submission is well written, grammatically correct and fully referenced.
Thank you, Joan."

Pablo Lepe

"Joan saved my PhD thesis from a likely grammatical and style apocalypse, last minute. Her professional assistance was exceptional, exceeding my expectations on response time, attention to detail and deep knowledge of science and engineering. I highly recommend her services for any postgrad student struggling with academic British English and thesis deadlines."

Sina Cotter Tait

"Joan was such a  great find for me.  She was able to proofread my complete PhD thesis in just over a week with only a couple of weeks’ notice, and she did an incredibly thorough job. She didn’t miss a thing! And she gave great advice on referencing styles, grammar, and was even able to help me out with my referencing software – above and beyond.  I felt like I had a new super friend as I coped with the most stressful part of finalising my thesis.  Most of all, she was super responsive, and very clear and reasonable with her pricing.  I recommend her without hesitation to anyone needing great proofreading and peace of mind."

Doug Walker

"I was completing my PhD astronomy dissertation in the spring of 2015 and needed expert advice to bring everything together for a professional delivery. Joan provided proofreading and edit corrections for this dissertation and what a job she did!! She provided a detailed review of all reading material as well as the diagrams and tables. She provided a set of comments and corrections which were easy to follow and which made the corrections quick and easy. Many corrections and comments provided were referenced. Joan's work is first rate and I would recommend her services to anyone who is serious about producing professional work."

Jacquie Walters WaltersPR

"Joan is a rare find - someone who enjoys proofing and editing AND is really good at it. Joan is responsive, astute and goes the extra mile to research supplied content to make sure that everything is correct. I thoroughly enjoy working with her."

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