Benefits of proofreading

Mistakes can creep in and may not be noticed by the writer, no matter how many times the text is re-read. It is the editor’s responsibility to check for typographical errors, spelling mistakes, incorrect use of punctuation, and other errors.

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Scientific editing

With a background in scientific research and education, the Proper Words editor works with a wide range of scientific materials, from dissertations and research papers through to posters and presentations.

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What my clients say

From postgraduate students and academics through to business professionals, Proper Word's range of clients is wide. Discover what some of them say about the professional service offered by Proper Words.

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Joan Gladwyn science editor

A professional and accurate editing service

Unless words are used correctly, a reader cannot grasp what the writer is trying to communicate. Worse still, the reader notices typos or the incorrect use of language and is disappointed by the apparent lack of professionalism that such mistakes imply. Joan Gladwyn from Proper Words will work with you to produce writing that is clear, error-free and consistent, no matter the medium. You might be writing copy for a brochure, or a research proposal, or text for a website. Joan will ensure that the finished text looks and sounds professional. Mistakes can be costly and embarrassing – don't take the risk of publishing without a professional checking it first.

Professional Member of the Institute of Professional Editors