Why use a proofreader?

You may ask yourself why you need to have your work edited or proofread professionally, particularly if you are quite good at writing and at spotting errors.

All businesses need to communicate with their clients, prospective clients, shareholders, media contacts, the local community, and their employees. A wide range of written material must therefore be produced, often for completely different target audiences.

Writing copy for such publications is a specialist task and even small businesses can benefit from employing a PR professional to write the copy. Often, however, the work is carried out by a member of staff who is under pressure to produce copy to a tight time schedule. Mistakes can creep in easily, and may not be noticed by the writer, no matter how many times the text is re-read. Spell-checking is certainly not sufficient to prevent the incorrect use of “it’s”, for example.

An editor or proofreader brings a critical eye to the task. It is the editor's responsibility to check for typographical errors, spelling mistakes, incorrect use of punctuation, and other errors. These can include lack of consistency, incorrect content, faulty hyperlinks and inconsistent formatting.

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